In Indiana, 15,614 children are enrolled in Head Start and Early Head Start programs
The total Head Start budget for programs in Indiana is $113,278,674.00.
There are 40 Head Start programs and 20 Early Head Start programs in Indiana (43 grantees statewide).
Over 17,460 Head Start/Early Head Start parents volunteered in programs last year.
In Indiana, there are 3,147 Head Start/EHS staff members.
October 29, 2014
“Measuring What Matters Institute: Exploring the Four Data Activities”

** Please note that the number of attendees from each state (IN, OH, MI) will be limited.
October 29, 2014
Due to the amount of content in the training institute, we will be holding our annual meeting in the evening.  As well as the regular meeting agenda, we will be initiating the members of the IHSA Board of Directors.

Please note:  Dinner will be served as part of the event.
November 06, 2014

** Please note that two weeks prior to the event, all directors will receive a copy of a Power Point and list of discussion questions from NHSA.
November 18, 2014

The training, presented by Mabel Jones, will focus on Head Start 101, shared governance, etc.
November 20, 2014

"Home is Where the Heart is"
**Please note that, as it was last year, there will be no registration fee.  This cost will be supported by the IN Head Start Collaboration Office.  BUT, programs will be responsible for the cost of hotel and travel.**

Federal Budget for FY 2015

On March 4, the President released his Federal Budget for FY 2015.

(You will find information about Early Head Start/ Head Start in the section about the Department of Health and Human Services.  You will also find information about early childhood education in the section about the Department of Education.)

The request for Head Start is for an increase of $270 million - $100 million would be for COLA, and $150 million additional dollars would go to the Early Head Start/child care Partnerships and Early Head Start expansion.

Bipartisan Budget Conference Agreement Announced

Yesterday, Senate Budget Committee Chairman Patty Murray (D – WA) and House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R – WI) announced that they have reached a two-year budget agreement in advance of the deadline which was this Friday Dec 13, 2013.

"Strong Start for America’s Children"

Today, a draft bill “Strong Start for America’s Children” was released by Senator Harkin and Representatives Miller and Hanna.  The National Head Start Association has released a statement and a summary of the bill.  We are also including the draft bills that were presented to the House and the Senate.”


Celebrating 50yrs of Head Start!

Click link above to see pictures.

IHSA's Position Statement

The Indiana Head Start Association has developed the following position statement that focuses on the important role that Head Start and Early Head Start must play in the early childhood education system in Indiana.IHSA Position Statement - 2014.doc

Head Start's 50th Anniversary!

Dear State and Regional Head Start Leaders:

Earlier this week we had a very successful webinar in which I presented the year-long celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Head Start.

Attached is a copy of the PowerPoint slides from the webinar.

Recommendations on Head Start

The New America Foundation and Results for America/Brookings each came out with reports that included recommendations on Head Start.  Here is a link to the NAF one and to the RFA/Brookings one.

The DRS Round Two Winners Have Been Announced.

They can be viewed here.
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