In Indiana, 15,614 children are enrolled in Head Start and Early Head Start programs
The total Head Start budget for programs in Indiana is $113,278,674.00.
There are 40 Head Start programs and 20 Early Head Start programs in Indiana (43 grantees statewide).
Over 17,460 Head Start/Early Head Start parents volunteered in programs last year.
In Indiana, there are 3,147 Head Start/EHS staff members.

ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education)

As you may know, the House and Senate are dealing with ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education) right now.  Click heading to read more.

Federal Budget for FY 2015

On March 4, the President released his Federal Budget for FY 2015.

(You will find information about Early Head Start/ Head Start in the section about the Department of Health and Human Services.  You will also find information about early childhood education in the section about the Department of Education.)

The request for Head Start is for an increase of $270 million - $100 million would be for COLA, and $150 million additional dollars would go to the Early Head Start/child care Partnerships and Early Head Start expansion.

Bipartisan Budget Conference Agreement Announced

Yesterday, Senate Budget Committee Chairman Patty Murray (D – WA) and House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R – WI) announced that they have reached a two-year budget agreement in advance of the deadline which was this Friday Dec 13, 2013.


Head Start's Role in Empowering Parents

From First Teachers to First Advocates.

Celebrations Across the State

Head Start's 50th Anniversary

A Proud Great-Grandfather

This is a picture of one of Area Five’s great-grandparents, Dickie Harrell,  who, together with his wife (great-grandmother), are raising their great-grandchildren.  He just finished serving a 3-year term on Policy Council and is now on the Board of Directors.  He stopped by to show his great-granddaughter’s award from school, O.J. Neighbors Elementary in Wabash.  He credits her educational success to having been a part of Head Start.

Children in OVO Head Start learn about HIV Needle Safety in a County Where There Has Been an Outbreak of HIV

Area V Week of the Young Child Celebration

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