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On Friday, April 14,  the National Head Start Association requested that state and regional associations sign on to a letter that they will be sending to Senator Mike Lee (Utah) and Representative Jim Banks (Indiana, 3rd district).  Please note that the INDIANA HEAD START ASSOCIATION HAS SIGNED ON.


NHSA states that the letter was written and co-signed "to express our significant concerns with the legislation you recently introduced, the Head Start Improvement Act of 2017 (S.185 and H.R. 1921, respectively) which would give states full control over Head Start."  NHSA goes on to explain our concerns about the impact block granting would have on Head Start and Early Head Start.


This is not the first time that the idea of block granting Head Start has come up.  Over the years, we have had to counter the suggestion by sharing possible consequences.  Some of those are:


*         Fifty different ways of administering Head Start/Early Head Start


*         Diminished funding (services) reaching our children and families due to another layer of bureaucracy


*         A focus on school readiness ONLY without providing comprehensive services


*         Funding that goes up or down, or even goes away, as we have seen in other states


*         Varying levels of quality


*         Impact on the Performance Standards - watering them down, or not having to follow them at all


NHSA hopes to have all state associations and regional associations sign on to the letter.  From what I have seen since the request came out, it certainly looks like that will happen.


Please remember how important it is that Congressmen and Senators hear from your programs.  Invite them to visit your centers.  Encourage parents to share their stories with them.  Share your child outcomes and other important data with your communities.  This is a continuing challenge, I know, but one we cannot risk responding to.  Thank you to the programs that have helped IHSA keep our lawmakers informed.

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