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Indiana Head Start Association News

As we know, block granting Head Start would have devastating impacts on the program.  We have opposed block granting for many years, and will continue to do so. 

Please let your lawmakers know of your concerns!

Block grants would see states take a percentage of the funding to administer the program through the state structure.

Block grants might allow states to develop their own “Head Start program” that might or might not look like the current program.

Block grants could enable states to decide to not follow the current Federal Head Start Performance Standards.


Dear Colleague:

Congress is in the midst of debating the future of our national early learning system.  There are many moving pieces making this an important time to keep Head Start forward in the minds of our Members of Congress.

Unfortunately, one of the moving pieces is an effort to allocate Head Start funding to the states. Please take a minute and go to and send a letter to your Representative and Senators asking them not to support this effort to block grant Head Start.

It just takes a minute and will really help.

Thank you.
Yasmina Vinci
Executive Director

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