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Indiana Head Start Association News

Good afternoon!  As some of you may have seen, earlier this afternoon Chairman John Kline (R-MN) of the House Education and Workforce committee released a statement calling for feedback on reforming Head Start.  The statement included a link to a white paper outlining some background information on the Chairman’s priorities as well as some questions he hopes to get feedback on.

While the white paper offers more questions than answers, a few things are quite clear:  

First, Head Start reauthorization is not on the fast track.  The statement and white paper call for all feedback byJune 1 of 2015.  This means we will have over four months to continue having thoughtful, in-depth, and detailed conversations about reauthorization and to assist our Head Start community in providing  effective feedback.  It is also a chance for us to engage with other early childhood stakeholders in discussions around this - to many of them - interesting topic.

Second, our reauthorization process has been spot-on. Over the past six months alone we have held calls with the Head Start community in nearly every state  to get their feedback and the questions we which asked fit perfectly with the questions in the white paper.  Some of you may recall that we even considered the same principles outlined in this document in our planning.  

Lastly, I am confident that we are ready to meet this challenge. The fact that Chairman Kline is soliciting public feedback means that it is our opportunity to provide it - something Head Start has been quite good at for the past 50 years.  We will be holding calls, webinars, and conversations in the coming months to get our suggestions together and we need you to do the same with your communities.  It would be devastating to Head Start if we do not get fully engaged and miss this opportunity to be heard.

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