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Porn star Christy Mack denies being 'out on the town' after MMA War Machine fans upload Twitter how to get more twitters followers Supporters of MMA fighter Jon Koppenhaver who is alleged to have beaten up his ex-girlfriend and porn star buy twitter followers Christy Mack have shared a photograph of her out in Las Vegas in an attempt to discredit her claims of assault.The image of Mack was shared via Twitter on Sunday by user Grenade_112 who accompanied alongside the picture that the porn star was ‘good enough to go partying a couple nights ago’ and claimed the image showed her outside a club. The original source of the image was taken by another Twitter user, who is not part of the ‘Free War Machine’ group. Mack, responded to @Grenade_112 to confirm that the picture was her just getting some ice cream, adding: ‘I’m not sure that picking up food in our sweat pants is “a night on the town”.’‘You can see the damage to my face even in the dark. And I can’t drive myself,’ she wrote. ‘I get out about once a day for a little bit. It’s depressing staying in 1 room sleeping all day.’Koppenhaver who is also known as ‘War Machine’ is accused of leaving Mack in hospital with brutal injuries - including multiple broken bones around her face - after savagedly beating the porn star in her apartment on August 8.After the alleged assualt, Mack took to Twitter to post images of her injuries as Koppenhaver went on the run.Police had issued a warrant for his arrest and, after a week on the run, he was caught at a hotel in the Simi Valley in California. He remains in jail, awaiting extradition to Nevada.Koppenhaver is scheduled to appear in Ventura County Superior Court on September 2 to face charges of assault against Mack.

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Porn Stars Christy Mack And Bonnie Rotten Had A MAJOR Beef War On Twitter Last Week

There is nothing in the world quit like an old fashion porn star beef war. unfollow followers twitter  Last December Lisa Ann and Nikki Benz went IN on each other, screaming insults in the public arena that is Twitter. Last week some similar drama unfolded between Christy Mack, the porn star who was the victim of a brutal domestic assault by War Machine, and Bonnie Rotten, the porn star who walked around New York City naked a months ago.The exchange is brutal — Pretty much the Twitter equivalent of a middle school lunch room fight. Hard to not imagine them trying to pull each others’ hair and throwing shoes if the exchange happened in person. We’re not entirely sure what set it off besides some now-deleted shade thrown from Christy Mack, but here’s what remains of the nasty cat-fight on Twitter a week later. SO MUCH BEEF. Her bright eyes used to be slightly more expressive. But the way her muscles healed after the attack, she now needs glasses. "It's OK," she says. "They're cute."Her mouth has a different shape after so many teeth were broken. She has veneers, but they are uneven, a stopgap measure so she can eat normally. She won't smile for photos until she gets them fixed again."I didn't look in the mirror for weeks," Mack says.She examines her face like it's not quite her own. Imagine that -- the most basic recognition, and it's gone."Just feeling my face, I knew it wasn't right," she says. "So when I'd look in the mirror, it's not me -- that person wasn't me. It's so hard to go every day without being you anymore."Yet, after all the broken bones, a ruptured liver and a thigh bruise so deep that she couldn't walk for a week, Mack is back to being unmistakably herself in a crew neck blue sweater and jeans. Her subversive sense of humor is fully intact.

War Machine, Christy Mack Update: Fighter Asks Fans To Not Harass Mack Via Twitter

MMA fighter War Machine, 32, recently created a lengthy post on Twitter that asked fans not to harass ex-girlfriend Christy Mack, 23. buy targeted twitter followers War Machine (real name Jonathan Koppenhaver) has been sporadically using his Twitter account from jail during the month of October. The professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter was arrested on Aug. 15 for the beating of ex-girlfriend and adult film star Christy Mack, 23.If you are a fan of mine please don't harass Christy, just let her be,” the tweet read. “Don't respond to all the people spewing hate against me. If you're a fan of mine , just please analyze and learn from my situation, and apply it to your own life. I deserved this, she deserved this, he deserved this, and we are also all innocent at the same time.The MMA fighter evaded the police for a week after the Aug. 8 incident, tweeting occasionally to proclaim his innocence. Authorities caught up to the professional fighter in Simi Valley, California, at an Extended Stay America hotel with a small amount of cash and a pizza.hristy Mack is being harassed on Twitter by the brother of MMA fighter War Machine, the man who brutally attacked and beat her.War Machine, whose real name is Jonathan Koppenhaver, was recently charged with multiple felonies for his role in the alleged beating.Michael Koppenhaver, his brother, has taken to Twitter to launch verbal tirades at Christy Mack, including calling her a "wh*re," and "so dumb." I don't condone hitting women. But I also don't like whores," he added. "I also have a bad temper. If my lady was dumb enough to cheat. She knows what would happen. But that's besides the point. The point is this all the terrible.

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