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How to Capture Visual Social Marketing Instagram Videos

Instagram recently added video capabilities to its application. You can use this new capability to develop visual social marketing videos for Instagram! You can now take videos that are as long as 15 seconds, buy instagram followers using Instagram. To get to the Video Capture section of Instagram, click on the camera icon in the primary navigation menu and then click the video camera icon.To record video, press and hold the red video camera icon at the lower-center of the screen. When you remove your finger from the button, the camera stops recording. You can create your video in segments if you start and stop and restart the camera recording multiple times.You can also delete segments from your video. The lower-left button, which looks like an arrow with an x in it, is the Delete button. It lets you delete an individual segment from your video. You can delete all segments if you want to start over. After you finish recording the video, the green arrow button in the upper-right corner of the screen brings you to the video editing page. Editing the video lets you change the look of the video, though you cannot change the contents of the video after you advance to the next screen.The editing options for videos on Instagram are now fairly limited. You can apply filters to the video to enhance the look of the video.Similar to editing photos, the filters for videos appear along the bottom of the video editing screen. Scrolling to the left reveals additional filters. Only one filter can be applied to a video, so you can click on different filters to see how they look before finalizing the video.If you decide that the video doesn't look right at this point, you can also return to the video capture screen by clicking on the x in the upper-left corner.If you're satisfied with you video and filter, you can click the green Next button in the upper-right corner of the screen to finalize the video.

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How to Use Instagram to Tell and Sell Your Marketing Story

Marketing is about telling stories and few things tell a story faster than a picture. In fact, images are growing faster than any other form of shared content online due in large part to the tremendous buy instagram followers growth of camera equipped smart phones. Facebook is the world’s largest photo sharing site, but others sites such as Pinterest and, the popular iPhone app, Instagram have also attracted large followings based primarily on the ease of photo sharing.Instagram is a photo-sharing site that’s a bit of a Flickr meets Twitter. iPhone users download the Instagram app and then share images after applying a range of effects and filters. Other Instagram users can “like” and comment on images and follow users to view their images in their own feed. Users can also easily post the images they upload to Instagram on Twitter, Facebook and Flickr if they choose.As with many social networks, personal use has spawned most of the growth. With heavy adoption however, businesses are now starting to take note of ways to use the Instagram tools and network to promote their business.Naturally image heavy businesses such as hair salons, graphic designers, and remodelers have obvious uses for the photo sharing site, but any business can find ways to use the network and the growing set of tools supporting it to supplement their marketing efforts.Below is a list of some Instagram applications that can help turn Instagram into a marketing tool for your business.

Should My Business be on Instagram?

As you can see, over 90% of the 150 million people on Instagram are under the age of 35. This makes Instagram more ideal for reaching the younger age groups, specifically 18 – 29 year old cell phone owners. If you business is associated with the younger crowds, like college students and new graduates, Instagram is morebuy arab instagram followers likely where you want to focus.On the other hand, if your target audience is predominately older, you may want to focus on Pinterest instead. This is especially true if your demographic is mostly women. Of course, you can also do both. But just remember, time is money. You want to invest your time on the platforms that will yield the best results. This leads to the next questions.There are hundreds of different social media platforms out there. However, this doesn’t mean you need to be on every single one. Ideally, you want to focus on a few social media platforms first and slowly branch out once you’ve set a strong foundation. If you are guilty of being on too many platforms, now would be a good time to reevaluate which ones you really should be spending your time on before adding another one to the list.Just because a competitor is on Instagram, does not automatically mean you should be there as well. Something that works for one business may not work for another even if the products or services are similar. However, if a competitor of yours does have a presence on Instagram and appears to be doing well, it should be something to consider.

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