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Twitter’s Patent Holdings

A quick search of Twitter’s issued patents and patent applications shows that this company still hasn’t been very active in protecting technological developments. A search yields about 1,700 patents and patentbuy 200 twitter followers applications, but most of those patents were developed by IBM and sold recently to Twitter.The Twitter patent holdings purchased through International Business Machines of Armonk, NY, represent an array of intriguing digital technology patents. Camera identification services that could aid real-life identification of social network members could be developed from U.S. Patent No. 7688349, entitled Method of Detecting and Tracking Groups of People. This patent protects a system of detecting individuals within a group using an image capture device and determine the trajectory of their movement to determine if a person is traveling with a group. We also noticed an innovation related to emergency preparedness in U.S. Patent No. 7757111, which is titled Method and System for Insuring Data Integrity in Anticipation of a Disaster. This system would be able to initiate emergency data storage procedures in response to a forecasted disaster event to ensure that data is protected through the event.

Buy Twitter followers

If you want to SELL with social media (and beat your competition to the punch) do this:

Support your social media sales strategy (getting customers confident in themselves and trusting you) by following these tactical guidelines every day. When you blog, publish videos, etc…Focus on solving customers’ problems buy followers for twitter with social marketing in ways that you can connect to what it is you sell.Give customers a cure for an expressed pain, encourage them to ask more questions—then take them on a journey toward the complete remedy.Listen in ways that help you always know what problems to solve, how to solve them and how to attract the most appropriate bees (best prospects) to your hive (your blog’s Answer Center) more often.Or are you busy trying to get Liked on Facebook, polishing up your LinkedIn profile or trying to get noticed in LinkedIn groups? See the difference?If you’ve ever sold anything in your life (or hired someone who has for you) you know one thing very well: People buy ONLY once they’ve become confident in themselves. Earning their hard-earned cash demands they know what they’re doing/getting into.

Build a Community Rather Than a Number of Followers

Have you ever looked through the people you follow on Twitter or Pinterest? You probably see about .05% of things they tweet or pin. I’m grabbing this metric out of thin air, but since everyone who’s anyone is on social media, even buy real twitter followers no bots if you are posting regularly your followers are probably not very engaged with your brand. The number of people following you can only take you so far. “Twitter is sort of like the ‘live TV’ of social media,” according to Marketing Land’s Danny Sullivan. “If you’re not tuned in to catch a particular tweet live, then you’ve missed it.” This doesn’t apply just for Twitter, the reach of Facebook’s organic posts has drastically dropped making it much more difficult for brands to stand out, even if you’re following their page (we’ll get into this more in tip #3)…Yes, having 10,000+ followers is noteworthy, but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter how many followers you have if they’re not interacting and paying attention to your content. What can be done to build a community and increase engagement with your current and potential followers?

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