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Health Insurers Take Bold Steps in Social Media

Social media might not seem like a great match for health insurance — after all, the cases payers deal with can be very personal. But some companies in that line of business are making aggressive moves to tap buy twitter followers grenada into consumers' increasingly social online behavior in ways that don't complicate their businesses.Carriers aren't just limited to Facebook and Twitter, however. Humana (Louisville, Ky.) recently launched its own social network for its Medicare Advantage and Medicare Advantage Part D members. Developed by the company's wholly owned Lifesynch division, the Humanaville community includes real-world-style locations and activities such as a town square, health clinic, library, fitness center, games and relaxation spots. (In that way, it resembles a Second Life-style virtual world more than a Facebook redux).In these locations, members will find information, games and avatar-based interaction. They can interact directly through online chat and community discussion forums where they can post original content and topics, ask questions, and respond to each other on those topics. Its major goal is to drive increase use of the Humana Member Assistance Program, also administered by Lifesynch.

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Verify Social Media Source Accuracy for Publishers

In his recent keynote presentation at the Journalism Education Association of Australia annual conference, Alfred Hermida, associate professor at University of British Columbia, shared best practices that journalists buy twitter followers guatemala and content publishers should follow to verify the accuracy of social media content before they share it and write about it.Citing errors in reporting based on tweets and social media postings by Globe and Mail and other leading news organizations, Hermida urged journalists and content publishers to use a combination of traditional journalism and computer science best practices to answer two specific questions when trying to verify the accuracy of social media sources and content:To get the ansers to those questions, Hermida explains, “We need to follow the trail left by everything a person does on social media.” He offers the following four steps to verify the accuracy of social media content.First, you should analyze the content of the message. What language is used within the message? For example, someone caught in the middle of a catastrophic event is unlikely to tweet using perfect grammar, spelling, and capitalization.

The Political Power of Social Media

January 17, 2001, during the impeachment trial of Philippine President Joseph Estrada, loyalists in the Philippine Congress voted to set aside key evidence against him. Less than two hours after the decision was announced, thousands buy twitter followers guinea of Filipinos, angry that their corrupt president might be let off the hook, converged on Epifanio de los Santos Avenue, a major crossroads in Manila. The protest was arranged, in part, by forwarded text messages reading, "Go 2 EDSA. Wear blk." The crowd quickly swelled, and in the next few days, over a million people arrived, choking traffic in downtown Manila. The public's ability to coordinate such a massive and rapid response -- close to seven million text messages were sent that week -- so alarmed the country's legislators that they reversed course and allowed the evidence to be presented. Estrada's fate was sealed; by January 20, he was gone. The event marked the first time that social media had helped force out a national leader. Estrada himself blamed "the text-messaging generation" for his downfall.

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